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Data de inscriere : 18/06/2009

MesajSubiect: FIFA SOCCER 2009   Joi Iun 18, 2009 5:55 pm

FIFA 09 este cel mai recent joc al Electronic Arts "FIFA Series". Dezvoltat de EA Canada, este publicat de Electronic Arts la nivel mondial în cadrul EA Sports ticket. A fost lansat la data de 2 octombrie 2008, în Australia, 3 octombrie 2008, în Europa, şi 14 octombrie în America de Nord.Versiunea N-Gage a fost lansat pe 18 noiembrie 2008. In joc au aparut peste 250 de imbunatatiri fata de versiunile anterioare cum ar fi : controlul mingii , pasele , directia sutului si driblingurile. Grafica deasemenea a fost si ea imbunatatita .
System requirements Operating Systems: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista
- CPU: 2.4 GHz

- RAM: 512 Megabytes of RAM (1 GB required for Windows Vista)

- DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated 128 MB video card or equivalent (must support Shader Model 2.0 or above)

- DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card

512kbit/s or greater broadband connection for online gameplay

- 6.1 GB free hard disk space for DVD format and additional space required for DirectX 9.0c installation

- 8x or faster DVD-ROM drive


Step onto the pitch and play professional football your way in FIFA
09. This year's edition features new customizable mouse and keyboard
controls that deliver deeper, more intuitive command over your squad
for more fluid football action. Now utilize the mouse as a
point-and-click tool to send teammates on runs, make pin-point accurate
passes, and blast powerful shots on target. Plus, you have the tools to
draw up trick moves using the mouse or perform one of 32 skill moves in
your arsenal, including new scoop turns, rainbow flicks, heel-to-heel
knocks and ball rolls just like Ronaldinho. FIFA 09 on PC also now features new, leading-edge visuals that deliver
graphics that exploits the power of hi-spec gaming PCs, as requested by
PC gamers. Star players are featured in photorealistic quality with
remodeled likenesses that show off skin tones and muscles in greater
detail for ultra-realistic action.
EA Sports' long-running FIFA series is one of the last bastions for PC
sports fans. Although the NHL and Madden series used to be PC
stalwarts, they've fallen off the map, and for this season it doesn't
look like an NBA Live entry is in the cards for EA Sports. Thankfully,
if you're a PC owner with a soccer jones, FIFA 09 is still heading to a
computer near you. To find out what's happening with this version of
the game, we hit up EA Sports line producer Paul Hossack.
GameSpot: Let's start with last year's game. What did you like about FIFA 08 and what needed to be improved?
Paul Hossack: Gameplay changes and the introduction of the Be A
Pro mode were the two most significant feature additions in FIFA 08.
The gameplay changes that really stood out were depth of control and
more-intelligent player movement. Be A Pro was a great game mode that
let users live the experience of playing as one professional football
player, and added a lot of fun social elements through the Co-Op Season
tasks and player growth.
For FIFA 09, we listened to feedback from FIFA 08 fans and
improved the collision system, added better support-run logic from
teammates, and better positional AI for the defensive line. The most
substantial feedback we got on Be a Pro - Co-Op Season was to extend
the mode beyond one season, and to include the third-person Be A Pro
camera from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of FIFA 08. For FIFA 09 PC,
we are happy to say we made both of those changes.
GS: With FIFA 09, you set out to create a soccer game that plays
to the strengths of the PC platform. What specifically about the PC
platform did you take advantage of in making FIFA 09?

EA Sports hasn't completely given up on PC sports gaming: FIFA 09 is on its way.

PH: First, the mouse is a very powerful and accurate input
device. Mouse-and-keyboard controls are a great combination in FPS and
RTS games. It was those games that gave us the inspiration for the
great new mouse controls we added to FIFA 09 PC. This is a feature that
just made sense on the PC platform. We were even able to add a control
that no other control system has on any FIFA game. With the mouse, you
can click on an empty spot on the pitch to get one of your teammates to
run to that spot when you are attacking. When you combine that with a
quick manual pass to that same spot, you can create some amazing
passing build-up play.
The second PC-specific characteristic we leveraged is the fact
that most PCs are online all the time. This let us invest in our online
widgets, which show you relevant, real-time info about you, the FIFA
community, and real-world football wherever you are in our menu
systems, and they update automatically.
Finally, as PCs tend to have nice, high-resolution monitors, we
put a lot of effort into improving the graphics. The biggest jump is
how the players and pitch look. It's a dramatic improvement over FIFA
08. In addition to these obvious improvements, we increased the
sharpness and clarity of all our menus too.
GS: Give us some insight on how the PC version of FIFA 09 has
evolved alongside its console counterpart. What big features will it
share with the 360/PS3 version and at what point in the dev cycle do
you decide to split off and go your own way with PC-specific features?
PH: FIFA 09 PC is a true PC football game, not simply a port of
a console game. That said, both FIFA 09 PC and console do share some
features and did work on some similar features. On both PC and console,
we did a lot of work on the physicality of the game, the responsiveness
of the dribble, and adding depth to the gameplay experience. In
addition, you will find the new Adidas Live Season premium service
available on PC, PS3, and 360. This is an exciting new service that
dynamically updates player form from six leagues every single week
based on how the players performed in real-world matches. Finally,
you'll find very similar versions of the Be a Pro Seasons mode on those
three platforms.

The new mouse-plus-keyboard control system will give you a different way of controlling the action.

GS: This year's game will use a point-and-click control scheme.
Tell us about the development of that control system, and what it
allows a player to do on the pitch. Also, can you play with a console
controller if you like?
PH: With "point and click" you are referring to the new mouse
plus keyboard control scheme we have in FIFA 09 PC. We developed this
idea by looking at other game genres that are successful on the PC. Two
of the dominating PC genres are FPS and RTS games, which rely on a
combination of the mouse and keyboard to control gameplay. We thought,
why not put this into a PC sports game?
The user simply moves his player with the keyboard and performs
passing and shooting actions with the mouse. Passing and shooting are
performed by pointing and clicking with the onscreen mouse pointer. The
mouse pointer can be moved very quick and is very precise, therefore
the user is able to pass and shoot quickly and precisely. Other
advantages of this control scheme are the ability to send players on
support runs to specific spots, and to make player switches by simply
clicking on specific players.
Regarding console controllers, we officially support the Xbox
360 controller and a long list of USB control pads. If I am not trying
to master the new mouse-and-keyboard controls I am playing with the
good old PS2 controller.

GS: Point-and-click seems like a limiting control scheme when it
comes to re-creating the insane step-overs of Cristiano Ronaldo. How do
you show off the strengths of your star players with such a simple
control scheme?
PH: The main goal for this control scheme was to make it more
intuitive for PC users while not losing any functionality. This control
scheme allows players to trigger all actions with a controller, and
have additional control resources available in the mouse and keyboard. Regarding skill moves, we developed a way of mimicking foot movements
by "drawing" tricks with your mouse pointer. The user can move into
trick mode by clicking down the mouse wheel. This triggers a visual
indicator that informs the user that the game has switched modes. In
this mode, the user can simply move the mouse in the natural direction
that a player's foot would move when performing a trick. For example,
if you are facing to the left and want to perform a step-over to the
right, you go into trick mode and move the mouse in a quarter circle
from forward to right.
Star players such as Cristiano Ronaldo have player-specific
tricks that no other player in the game can perform. In addition, they
have player-specific animations, like Cristiano's "Cowboy Stance" while
preparing for a free kick, that make them unique.

Expect to see plenty of player-specific animations in FIFA 09.

GS: What are widgets and what will they do for the FIFA 09 experience? How many widgets will we be able to choose from?
PH: Widgets can be best described as a series of small applets
running within the FIFA 09 PC menus that are constantly pulling the
latest and most relevant information for the gamer. In FIFA 09 PC, we
provide six widgets that the user can choose from (up to five shown at
a time). The user can configure the placement by dragging and dropping
them. The widgets stay as you transition from screen to screen.
The widgets add a great sense of community as soon as you boot
up the game. You can see how many gamers are online playing FIFA 09
right now, along with lots of other live stats.
Here's a quick description of some of the widgets:
- Online Profile: Want easy access to your online stats? Check
out the Online Profile widget to view your latest online stats and
- Online Community: Check out how many people are connected or
playing online matches with the Online Community widget. You can also
compare your online stats to other FIFA 09 PC online gamers.
- Favourite Club: The Favourite Club widget will keep you
connected to your favourite team while you play FIFA 09. View upcoming
match information, results of the last match, and league tables with
this widget. You can even read the latest team news right in your FIFA
- Adidas Live Season: This widget displays information related
to the Adidas Live Season service. You will be notified whenever a new
form file is available. Once downloaded, you can dive into the details
of what has changed in your game: who are the hottest/coldest players,
what teams have been most impacted by positive form changes, and how
your favourite club has been impacted (if it's one of the six leagues
supported in Live Season).
GS: EA Sports used to make lots of PC games but, in recent
years, that productivity has dropped off, seemingly due to a lack of
interest. Yet FIFA keeps plugging away on the PC. What do you think
makes the series attractive to PC-specific gamers?
PH: FIFA on the PC is different than other sports games namely
because PC gaming is hugely influential to gaming culture outside of
North America, where FIFA has a very healthy fan base. The immense
popularity of football and FIFA around the world, combined with large
numbers of PC gamers outside of North America, makes FIFA a natural
choice to continue making specifically for the PC. We focused a lot of
attention on improving the PC version of FIFA 09 this year because we
wanted to satisfy our large PC fan base with a true PC football game.
GS: Traditionally the PC has been the platform of choice for
management sims like FIFA Manager. Have you incorporated more
simulation features into the manager mode of FIFA 09 on the PC?
PH: For FIFA 09 PC, we have refined the friendly-match
negotiation process to make it more realistic and informative for the
user. We have also addressed several key issues in the Manager Mode to
help enhance the user experience while navigating through a very
in-depth management-sim experience. GS: What kind of online features will we find in FIFA 09? Will players be able to play 10-vs-10 as in the console games?

Take on your rivals online in 1 v 1 play.

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MesajSubiect: Fifa   Joi Iun 18, 2009 6:04 pm

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